About the Window Paintings...

As the character Jeff spends countless hours in front of a window, obsessed with his neighbors in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, our voyeuristic fascination is tempted and satiated with these built-in picture frames in our homes: windows.   For centuries, to heighten the anticipation of the moment revealed in a painting, painters have painted curtains as an internal frame near the edge of their canvas.   There is the story of the contest between two painters of ancient Greece, Parrhasios and Zeuxis. Zeuxis exhibited a painting of grapes, so realistic that a bird flew up to it. Then, Parrhasios exhibited a painting of a curtain.  Realism so convincing that Zeuxis demanded the curtain be drawn to reveal the painting behind it.   My window paintings attempt to combine these elements into each painting.  Windows serve as stage caught between private and public space, invite the viewer to contemplate the scene unfolding on the glass, temporarily retained by the two worlds' eclipse.

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