COMFORT WOMEN (1992-1994): From 1932-1945, the Japanese Imperial Army kidnapped and coerced close to 200,000 East-Asian women into sexual slavery for their soldiers. 80% were Korean, some as young as ten years old. Along with military equipment, these women were listed as supplies and shipped to various military camps  throughout Asia where Japan occupied. The "Comfort Stations" confined each child or woman into a small room to be raped by up to 30 soldiers a day. The conditions during their captivity are indescribable. Many died from disease, botched abortions, beatings and executions. At the time of ceasefire, many were executed by the soldiers. Furthermore, surviving victims were ostracized from their homes and villages. Although the long process for retributions and apologies for the survivors have commenced, each day fewer survivors of the "Comfort Women" remain. My paintings are limited to my research and imagination. By sharing this dark moment in history, we remember these women.    - L. Joo