About Dokkebi paintings...

Amy Chua of “The Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother” popularized the term 'tiger mom', conjuring an image of an ancient Chinese tiger embodying power and aggression. But in Korean folktales, tigers are portrayed to be strong but not clever. In every scenario, it's the tiger's gullibility and complacency that undermine its physical prowess. Wesley Wang's essay in response to the 'tiger mom' phenomenon, aptly titled “Paper Tigers”, refers to these connotations of a tiger, to illustrate the Asian-Americans who study and work tirelessly to succeed, only to be halted by the social side effects of that valiant effort, being too obedient and compliant. My current series combines Korean folktale with contemporary Asian-American experience. On the undulating of silken waves and hills, the gullible tiger, the loyal crane, the lotus princess are reincarnated to tell a modern tale. In these paintings of wrapped, bundled, swathed landscapes of beedan, stories of family, folklore and history unravel.

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